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Maker Faire Lisbon

June 25 and 26 Pavilhão do Conhecimento

Come Visit

Maker Faire Lisbon is aimed at anyone interested in creativity, resourcefulness and invention.

Everyone is welcome to attend. Bring your entire family, your friends, your colleagues from school or work, regardless of age or occupation. Teachers, scientists, hackers, tinkerers and makers to be, all are sure to find something that captures their imagination.

Furthermore, it's free. That's right, we'll be opening our doors to the public for the duration of the event, and you're free to enter or leave at your leisure — any time, any day.

You're also welcome to spread the word to as many people as possible: tell your friends, organize a school trip, etc. The more visitors attend the event, the more potential Makers there will be.

There is only one requirement: You need to register to get your tickets.

You can do that right here; tickets and registration are handled through Eventbrite, and it takes all of one minute — all you need to do is pick how many tickets you want and hit the Register button.

CP offers a 30% discount in train tickets for the Maker Faire Lisbon.