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Maker Faire Lisbon

June 25 and 26 Pavilhão do Conhecimento


Maker Faire Lisbon is a licensed event, organized with approval from Maker Media Inc.

It is co-organized by Bright Pixel, a group of experienced builders, creative thinkers, and investors with many years of experience (which also runs Pixels Camp, an international technology event), and Ciência Viva, the Portuguese national agency for scientific and technological culture, which seeks to bring together Portuguese society and the scientific community.

Bright Pixel

Rua da Emenda, 19
1200-169 Lisboa

Pavilhão do Conhecimento - Ciência Viva

Alameda dos Oceanos, Lote 2.10.01
1990-223 Lisboa


If you're interested in sponsoring opportunities for Maker Faire Lisbon, please to our sponsors page for information.

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