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Thank You!

Posted on 27 Jun 2016

The organization takes the stage

The organization team goes on stage at the end of Maker Faire Lisbon 2016. Photo credit @futurebehind.

Maker Faire Lisbon 2016 is over, and even as we nurse our sore feet and take a well-deserved break from a few days, we’d like to thank everyone involved in this amazing event.

First off, our sponsors, for their financial support (which is important, to be sure), but mostly for their shared belief in the importance of the Maker Movement:

AKI, Audi, ThyssenKrupp, Cooler Master, Microsoft, NOS, BeeVeryCreative, UBER, Robert Mauser, Bot’N’Roll, Blocks, Create 3D, Port Laser, Urbanos and Fidelidade Seguros, our sincere thanks.

Next we’d like to thank our media partners (Publico, Rádio Renascença, Pplware, Aberto até de madrugada and Future Behind) for building awareness and providing media coverage for the event, and our partners (Make, CP Comboios de Portugal, Turismo de Lisboa, Festas de Lisboa, ClusterMediaLabs and Portugal Drone Race) for supporting us and helping us in so many ways.

And, of course, we’d like to thank everyone who was directly involved in organizing the event.

Besides Bright Pixel, the amazing staff at Pavilhão do Conhecimento and our friends at Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, a number of other people volunteered their time and know-how to make the Maker Faire Lisbon a reality despite career and personal challenges of various kinds, and their passion and committment deserves recognition.

And, last but not least, we would like to thank you, our readers, Makers and visitors, for coming to the event and meeting each other with such enthusiasm and delight. We’re very proud of what you saw, learned and accomplished during the event, and you are the reason we keep doing this year after year.

Let’s meet again next year, and keep the Maker spirit alive!

(And if you were a registered Maker, don’t forget to use the coupons you got in your Welcome kit - a free year of MAKE Magazine in digital format and a credit in Azure cloud services.)

P.S.: A final note - although the organization has amassed a few hundred photos and videos of the event that we’re still sorting through, we’re always looking for more. So if you have a media gallery you’d like to share with the community, just leave a link to it in the comments - or get in touch with us directly. Thanks!

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