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Come to Maker Faire Lisbon with UBER!

Posted on 23 Jun 2016


We’re delighted to announce that UBER, as our sponsor, provides a special offer to Maker Faire Lisbon visitors:

From June 24th, UBER will offer a €10 discount on the first trip for new users.

To take advantage of this promotion, you only need to install the smartphone app (available on the App Store or on Google Play), select the “Promotions” option from the menu and enter the “MAKERFAIRELX” promo code (valid until August 31st).

One tap and a car comes directly to you within a few minutes, and your driver knows exactly where to go - even to the Maker Faire!

The app shows you the name and photo of your driver, as well as the car you’ll be riding. Besides letting you follow your driver as he/she comes to you, you can also share your ride in real time with family and friends.

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