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At the Faire: NOS

Posted on 23 Jun 2016


As a main sponsor of Maker Faire Lisbon, NOS will not only be providing free Wi-Fi access to makers and visitors at the event (for which we are exceedingly grateful) but also creating a unique opportunity for everyone to try UMA, the most advanced and intelligent television service in Europe, which provides an exciting new personalized TV experience:

Along with the best service offering on the market, the UMA interface provides simple, intuitive and in-depth personalization, allowing access to key functionality through voice remote control and the NOS TV application.

We’re delighted to have them, and we hope you take advantage of the excellent connectivity to spread the word (and sights, and sounds) regarding Maker Faire Lisbon during your visit!

You can learn more about NOS and UMA on their website, or follow NOS on Facebook.

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