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Sponsor: Cooler Master

Posted on 16 Jun 2016


We’re delighted to announce that Cooler Master is our newest sponsor, helping us bring to the venue a few surprises that we believe will provide unique experiences (and that’s all you’ll get from us until the show begins…)

Cooler Master, based in Taipei, is a world-class computer parts company with a history that spans over 20 years of innovation and industry leadership.

They’re driven by the passion towards making building your own PC a gratifying, original and sustainable experience, with a vision towards reinventing the way these machines are designed, built and used.

Since the groundbreaking debut of their first all-aluminium casing, their innovative switching designs and modular concepts, Cooler Master is committed to delivering to their customers and fans the utmost in choice and control over their custom builds:

For more information, check out or follow them on Facebook.

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