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Sponsor: UBER

Posted on 15 Jun 2016


We’re delighted to announce that Uber is sponsoring Maker Faire Lisbon!

Uber is a technology platform that brings people together - people who want to move about in the city, and people who are available to take them to their destination. In Portugal, Uber is available in Lisbon and Oporto - as well as in the Algarve during summertime.

It was created in San Francisco in 2009, and began operating there in 2010. Today, it provides over 3 million rides a day in over 350 cities, spanning 67 countries around the world.

All of this through a freely available smartphone app that runs on iOS, Android and Windows. One tap and a car comes directly to you within a few minutes, and your driver knows exactly where to go - even to the Maker Faire!

The app shows you the name and photo of your driver, as well as the car you’ll be riding. Besides letting you follow your driver as he/she comes to you, you can also share your ride in real time with family and friends, keeping them appraised of your progess towards your destination.

And once the ride is over, you only need to step out - payment is completely cashless, and charged to the credit card you register with the app.

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