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Maker Highlight: André Sier

Posted on 15 Jun 2016

André Sier has training in sciences, arts (painting, sculpture, music) and philosophy. He is an artistic engineer, electronic artisan and programmer. He has been working since 1997 at, studios, exhibiting and performing works in Portugal and abroad - including the Maker Faire Lisbon in 2014 and 2015 - and is one of the curators of this year’s edition.

He works with code, 3D, video, sound/music, electronics, drawing, sculpture, videogames, among other media, and will be bringing to the Maker Faire Lisbon, under the working tille of “Skates & Dragons”, two immersive pieces in videogame format, delivered as interactive installations.


Who said a skate with triangular wheels won’t ride?


In Skate.Exe, André Sier places us atop a skateboard that acts as the joystick for a game where you ride off into infinity:



Ready? Let’s fly like a dragon, spit fireballs, blow up buildings, and show the humans of the XXIst century that dragons still rule! In DRACO.WOLFANDDOTCOM.INFO, as you open your arms in front of a camera, you become this dragon:

André has been regularly teaching artistic programming since 2002, and currently teaches at the University of Évora, several hacker-maker-spaces and fablabs. You can view his portfolio at

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