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Sponsor: Botnroll

Posted on 26 May 2016


We’re proud to announce that Botnroll will also be sponsoring Maker Faire Lisbon.

Botnroll is a creation of Soluções de Automação e Robótica Lda., a University of Minho Spin-Off with 10 years of existence, and whose R&D department develops both educational robotics products and customized industrial solutions for businesses.

Their online store distributes the most popular brands in robotics for both Makers and education, Educational and Maker worlds, and provides on extensive technical support and assistance to customers.

Motivated by their strong connection to the educational market, they started creating products to address the challenges in introducing people of all ages to programming and robotics, like their Bot’n Roll ONE A robot kit:


The Bot’n Roll ONE A educational robot was originally designed as the official robot for RoboParty, under the motto “build your own robot.”


The kit includes all the required components, and builders are encouraged to assemble it themselves and master both physical assembly and soldering - but there is also the possibility of acquiring a pre-assembled version.

Bot’n Roll ONE A has an integrated Arduino UNO, allowing both beginners and advanced users to benefit from the Arduino IDE - either learning at their own pace or diving in to the details straight away - which is why It’s become widely used by educational institutions.


It was also selected as the official Robot for CoSpace Rescue, a software developed by the Singapore Polytechnic that enables virtual programming of the robot, and is also used in international educational events in the same vein as RoboParty, like RoboCamp, a set of competitions part of RoboCup 2016 - the world’s largest robotics event, which this year takes place in Germany.

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