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Maker Highlight: MOYUPI

Posted on 23 May 2016


Juan Ángel Medina, a 27 year old engineer from Jaén (Spain),tells us the story behind this unusual and enchanting project:

I finished my engineering studies two years ago in Germany and started working as a CAD designer and learning about 3D printing. At the same time I was living with a german family who used to host children in need, so there were always a lot of children around there, children who loved to draw monsters. So I thought to myself: “why don’t I use this 3D printing/designing knowledge to bring their drawings to life?”.


Some of the difficulties he faced were:

  • Creating a 3D printed product that has an attractive finish for children but is safe for them at the same time.
  • Giving the right message to the parents, so that they understand its value and don’t compare it with a toy.
  • Scaling and being able to deliver big quantities.


The main reward is working with kids: their crazy ideas, their smiles as they see their moyupi for the first time. It’s funny and beautiful at the same time.

You can learn more about MOYUPI on their website or on Facebook.

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