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Magic Bit Solutions

Posted on 17 May 2016


Magic Bit creates interactive digital games together with parents, teachers and children, in order to provide an exciting learning experience that fosters imagination and creativity.

It aims to be an inclusive, technology-based edutainment project that encourages kids between 3 and 12 and special needs students to learn and explore.


According to Carla Ventura, the project has already garnered awards at initiatives like Poliempreende (ranked 1st regionally and 3rd nationally) and was elected web/mobile finalist in the 5th edition of the Inovaportugal contest, organized by Acredita Portugal.

Featuring four apps currently available nationally and internationally, they are motivated by the need to constantly adapt to better serve parents, teachers and, of course, children.

You can learn more about Magic Bit on their web site or via Facebook.

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