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Sponsor: Blocks Technology

Posted on 15 May 2016

The Team

We’re proud to officially announce that Blocks Technology will be sponsoring Maker Faire Lisbon 2016!

Blocks Technology is a technology startup focusing on two major activities: 3D printing and outsourced R&D.

Blocks One was their first product, launched June 2015. It’s a 3D printer, wholly designed, prototyped and manufactured by Blocks in Portugal, targeting the mid/high-end segment of the market and aiming to solve a number of common issues found in 3D printers already on the market.

Blocks One

This printer provides a 200x200x200mm printing volume and is delivered pre-assembled and ready to use. It supports a number of different kinds of filament beyond the usual ABS and PLA, including newer and more exotic variants such as wood, flexible filament, carbon fiber, copper, nylon, PETG, PET, PE, etc.


When compared to other, similar printers, and according to Blocks Technology, “Blocks One matches or exceeds their printing quality at roughly a third the price.”

Besides Blocks One, Blocks also has the ability to design and build custom printers according to customer specs, providing different printing volumes, climatized enclosures, and double or triple extruters. Almost anything is possible under the Blocks Custom format.


As far as their other field of work is concerned - outsourced R&D and project development - Blocks Technology has a development department to tackle customer projects. These can be as simple as a one-off electronic circuit to a fuilly built protoptype with end-to-end integration.

Join us in welcoming Blocks Technology to Maker Faire Lisbon 2016!

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