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Maker Highlight: Woodmood

Posted on 11 May 2016

Robowood Fluff

Woodmood aims to create original, unique designs out of the most unlikely (and often unlikable) pieces of wood in the world. Lasting, eco-friendly and functional designs, with a heavy dollop of creativity and zest.

As Miguel Castro writes:

“As long as I remember, there were nails, chisels and planers around. And entire trees to climb and gawk at, and heartwoods and forest. I always loved it, but life led me away. At least until a little while ago, when I chanced upon a lost shed someplace, with weathered doors laid out on the sun, their natural texture and coloring making the whole thing pop.

weathered wood

It stuck in my mind, and soon enough lightning struck - and with it, came the idea of giving new life and purpose to pieces of wood that are literally dripping with stories.

working the wood

The Woodmood elves are myself, a guy who likes this, a master carpenter who happens to be my father, and friends who pitch in in various ways: design, ideas, lumber and beams, aged ironworks to make the whole thing come together and much more…“

the elves

And we’ll be waiting for them here at Maker Faire Lisbon. Until then, you can learn more about them at their site and on Facebook!

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