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Bitalino (r)evolution

Posted on 17 Apr 2016

BITalino (r)evolution

BITalino will be back to Maker Faire Lisbon this year with its (r)evolution edition.

It has been taking the embedded biomonitoring world by storm, winning not one, but two MCU hardware face-offs by Atmel, getting official Matlab, MaxMSP and PureData support and real-time data handling support via Wekinator.

Besides being in the news due to its open hardware and a number of BITalino-powered workshops, it was featured in IEEE Pulse and even used in this Smart advertisement:

The BITalino (r)evolution features the following improvements over the original design:

  • an all-new design and form factor
    • up to 60% smaller and more robust sensors
    • miniaturized connectors and cables
  • available in Bluetooth 2.0 and BLE options
  • 2x the number of accessories at the same price!

In addition to all-new muscle (EMG), heart (ECG), nervous system (EDA) and motion (ACC) sensors, now it also includes a brain wave sensor (EEG), pushbutton (BTN), digital-to-analog converter (DAC), buzzer for acoustic feedback (BUZ), and a prototyping board (PRT).

And to make integrating it a little easier, battery monitoring is now done on an independent channel - plus the new packaging doubles as an enclosure.

We can’t wait to get our hands on it in this year’s Maker Faire Lisbon!

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