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ThyssenKrupp Elevators supports the Maker Movement

Posted on 17 Sep 2015

ThyssenKrupp Elevators

ThyssenKrupp Elevators has always been at the forefront of innovation, and we are very proud to have them as premium sponsors of the Maker Faire Lisbon, where they will be showing their Mobile Training Center.

This Center will provide visitors to the Maker Faire Lisbon with a unique opportunity to become aware of all the newest mobility services by ThyssenKrupp Elevators at an international level, including virtual reproductions of products and services and other interactive training and learning materials.

This event is an extension of ThyssenKrupp Elevators’ internal 2015 Innovation Contest and its “Energy and Environment” special award, an internal initiative that focuses on promoting their technologies and the benefits they can provide to urban areas, the environment and the future.

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