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Posted on 14 Sep 2015


FULLMETAL RACER will bring to the Faire the possibility to drive a real vehicle on a real track with a first-person view.

The vehicles have a built-in camera, telemetry and actuators for control, as well as virtual “weapons” and “armor”. From the driving station, you can control the vehicles and weaponry using a steering wheel, pedals and buttons while you watch the camera and telemetry data, which includes telemetry from other players. You can also pick up power-ups that to activate your weaponry or enhance your armor.

Humberto and Frederico will also bring to the faire FULLMETAL RACER LT, a modular robotics platform that aims to provide a starting point for learning about programming and robotics.

This is a personal project from two brothers who spent their childhood tree climbing (one climbing, the other pushing) and building (often non-working) gadgets with their bare hands. They spent their teenage years in arcade parlors and kept building gadgets (that mostly worked by now) and now that they’re fully grown up they still play the arcades and still build gadgets with their hands (but now with mostly adequate tools).

The eldest, Frederico, works with electronics and is constantly hacking away at things. Humberto, the youngest, found his groove in arts and product design. Both have a special taste for technology and form, having worked in the past in multiple projects of a more serious nature, like medical solutions or exhibits.

Hailing from Leiria, they split their time between family, work and (most nights) healthy obssessions. Frederico works on science and interactive exhibits, whereas Humberto works on industrial moulding solutions.

You can learn more about their project on Facebook, YouTube and Google Plus.

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