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At the Faire - Robotics Club

Posted on 14 Sep 2015

Clube de Robótica

The University of Coimbra Robotics Club is a laboratory tied to the Coimbra Institute for Systems and Robotics.

Hosted at the Electrotechnical and Computing Engineering Department, it fosters creativity, personal development and self-learning for all ages and courses through robotics, computing and electronics.

Besides organizing a number of workshops, it supports teams that compete in robotics competitions and fosters a number of related projects.

The Robotics Club was founded in 2008 by a group of Electrotechnical and Computing Engineering students, with the intent of encouraging engineerings stutents at University of Coimbra to apply their acquired skills and knowledge into both internal and external projects.

Besides a catalyst and support for project development, it also functions as an incubator/hackerspace, supplying tools and equipment for students to develop their projects.

They will be at the Maker Faire Lisbon this year showcasing some of their projects, and you can learn more about them on Facebook.

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