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At the Faire - EnergyOT

Posted on 11 Sep 2015


Do you wonder if you are spending too much electricity, or at what time of day consumption is higher?

Well, Diogo Henriques and his team had the same concerns. Bringing together their engineering backgrounds (Mechanical, Aerospace and Computing) in March 2015, they decided to tackle this and build EnergyOT.

The rise of IoT and the availability of cheap Wi-Fi modules made it possible to create a tiny (28mm square) device weighing only 5 grams, with a sensor that can easily be applied to the mains panel at home without any special training, and that sends data to the cloud in 15 second intervals.

Following beta-testing at a few dozen locations, they decided to go public with their project at the Maker Faire Lisbon, where they plan to make a special “Maker Faire Edition”, available both as open hardware and at a discount for visitors.

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