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CP trains discount

Posted on 04 Sep 2015


We have great news for the Maker Faire Lisbon visitors. In partnership with CP we’re offering 30% discount on trains coming to or leaving Lisbon (Oriente station) during the event.

The offer is valid both for visitors and Makers, under the following terms:

  • 30% discount on Intercidades, Alfa Pendular or Regional trains, all classes.
  • Trains coming from any station, destination Lisbon Oriente (one, or both ways).
  • Trains coming from Lisbon Oriente, to any station.
  • One way or both way tickets.
  • This offer doesn’t accumulate with other discounts.
  • In order to get the discount, you must present your e-ticket to the Maker Faire Lisbon, as well as your personal ID, when buying your train ticket and aboard the train when asked
  • Only available at the CP ticket offices.
  • Valid from the 17th to the 21nd of September, 2015.
  • The train tickets are not refundable, according to the terms for this operation.

The Maker Faire Lisbon is free for both visitors and Makers. We’ll be opening our doors to the public for the duration of the event, and you’re free to enter or leave at your leisure — any time, any day.

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