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At the Faire - INETE

Posted on 27 Aug 2015


INETE is a technical high school in Lisbon and they bring us 8 interesting and didactic projects. Developed by the senior students under the orientation of their teacher Luis Miguel Pires we will find at the Faire:

  • Point System, a time keeping system that uses your Android smartphone;
  • Voice Controlled Robot, a Arduino based robot we can control with our voice through a smartphone;
  • RaspPIBot, an autonomous raspberryPi based robot featuring computer vision;
  • Audrey, a carnivorous plant capable of following its prey;
  • TEAC Tablet, a DIY tablet with a builtin drawing application using the touchscreen;
  • Universal Tracker System, a GPS tracker for people and pets;
  • Help Locomotion, a sonar system designed to help the blind moving around;
  • Dummy BOX, a box that does what says on the tin;

Luis Miguel is the coordinator for the Electronics, Automation and Telecommunications courses at INETE, a MSc in Electronics by the Instituto Superior Técnico and a researcher at CTS/UNINOVA.

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