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At the faire - Geodesic Dome

Posted on 26 Aug 2015

Dinis Miguel, from Algarve, brings us a geodesic dome built with low-cost materials and 3D printed parts.


Known for their lightness and structural integrity, geodesic domes have been in use for many years, and their resistance stems from their triangular structure, which uniformly distributes any force throughout the entire structure.

They can be built out of all kinds of materials and in any dimension as long as calculations are performed correctly, and Dinis intends to build 5/8ths of a sphere with a radius of 2.8m out of VD tubing and 3D printed connectors, which will probably be the largest single structure at the Maker Faire!

Dinis was born in the late 70s, and shares our nostalgia for the quick pace with which computing and electronics evolved during the 80s and 90s. With an degree on Electronics Engineering from Algarve University, he has been developing business and accounting systems for the past 15 years, and is an electronics and robotics enthusiast who loves sharing knowlege and experiences. He is also a member of the eLab Hackerspace.

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