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At the Faire - 3D Card Reader

Posted on 12 Aug 2015

Leitor de Cartas

Silvino Almeida and Tânia Ribeiro, who come from Vila Pouca de Aguiar and Lousada, bring us this fascinating project that renders 3D animations based on a set of cards:

The hologram-like effect is achieved by reflecting the projection from glass pane placed at a 45 degree angle (a technique known as Pepper’s Ghost).

The projection is directly related to the card not just in terms of content but also physically, since the hologram appears to pop out from the card itself. The 3D-printed reader includes a Raspberry Pi to recognise the cards and render the corresponding animation.

Silvino and Tânia are Communication and Media graduates from the Universidade of Trás-os Montes and Alto Douro and are currently attending a master’s in Multimedia Communication (Interactive Profile) at Aveiro University, where they developed this project with the support of professors Pedro Beça e Mário Vairinhos.

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