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At the Faire - Sensi Guitar

Posted on 04 Aug 2015

Sensi Guitar

João Nuno da Silva Neves brings us Sensi Guitar, an old dream of his that he undertook as a final project for a bachelor degree in Electronic Music and Musical Production. Although he originally considered building a simple electric guitar including all the conventional electronics, he eventually went a lot further.

During his degree he discovered the amazing world of Arduino micro-controllers and their potential, so he decided to incorporate something unique into the guitar and allow for controlling and composing audio effects during a performance, in much the same way as a synthesizer.

After some experimentation, he decided to build in a MIDI controller using sensors, potentiometers and other inputs (like force sensors) coupled with a built-in Arduino, which allows him to take the Sensi Guitar beyond what you can achieve with ordinary guitar/pedal setups.

Besides designing and building the wooden body and incorporating the electronics, he is now programming custom software that will allow him to define sound processing presets and control other instruments (and live audio) during play, changing modulation, filters and feedback.

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