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At the Faire - IT and Communications in 3D

Posted on 03 Aug 2015

TIC em 3D

‘TIC em 3D’ is the first portuguese project to bring 3D printing to grammar school, applying 3D technology to school projects for children aged 8-14 as a way to provide creative stimulus and foster social interaction both within the Information Technology and Communication (TIC) subject and in partnership with other disciplines.

Awarded with the Integration and Digital Literacy prize by the TIC Network and Foundation for Science and Technology, this initiative was undertaken by Artur Coelho (arts and TIC professor) with students from the Venda do Pinheiro School Group, raising awareness of the teaching and creative potential for these technologies in academic events aimed at schools and teacher associations.

The one thing that Artur Coelho and his colleagues find most rewarding is the look of wonder in their students’ faces when they see their creations being printed in 3D.

You can learn more about this project through their web page, Facebook and Instagram.

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