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Printoo is back!

Posted on 28 Jul 2015

Remember Printoo, from last year’s edition?

António Moreira will be bringing it back to the Maker Faire this year, and we’re sure it’s going to be a resounding success again.

Born in Lisbon 28 years ago, despite following a management career it was his passion for science that brought him to the Maker universe - he worked on Printoo while doing his Masters’ in Innovation Management.

Printoo aims to be the LEGO of the XXIst century and its goal is to bring to life all kinds of surfaces and inanimate objects. They developed a set of modules (sensors, Bluetooth, Arduino-compatible controller and actuators) that plug together LEGO-style in such a way that anyone, even kids, can develop their own projects in a very simple way.

It is the only paper-thin, flexible prototyping platform on the market, and embodies their philosophy that it is the platform that has to adapt to the purpose at hand and not the contrary.

You can learn more about Printoo on Facebook or watch more videos on their YouTube Channel.

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