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Maker Faire Lisbon 2015 Curators

Posted on 25 May 2015


We’re proud to announce the Maker Faire Lisbon 2015 Curators.

The Call for Makers should be issued in a few days, and they will soon be hard at work reviewing project applications.

If you’re part of the movement, then you probably know some of them by now:

Bernardo Gaeiras

Bernardo is the director of Fablab Lisboa as well as designer and artist. His expertise spans industrial design, interior design, 3D modeling, concept research, product development and production. He also promotes and organizes several events and acts as advisor to the Lisbon municipality.

Carlos Morgado

Carlos is an electrotechnical engineer by training but a computer scientist at heart. He gets bored easily and his career path took him through signal processing, hardware design, security, network engineering and software development. He currently works at SAPO and is also part of the Codebits organization (as the infamous host of its famous Quiz Show host, or simply by hooking up small computers to various bits of machinery). He owns far too many LEGO bricks and is currently interested in the 3D printing revolution and the fine balance of Big Data between increasing quality of life and mass surveillance.

Celso Martinho

Celso is the CEO and co-founder of SAPO, the biggest portal and Internet related project in Portugal and one of MEO’s internal innovation factories. SAPO is also the organizer of Codebits and co-organizer of the Lisbon Mini Maker Faire. Celso also sits on the board of Artica and acts as mentor/advisor to several companies and projects. His background in electronics harks back to his days as a student at the University of Aveiro, but he has a passion for technology, Internet, creativity, entrepreneurship, the DIY/Makers movement and all things life-changing. He occasionally builds arcade machines and sends balloons to high atmosphere/near space.

Filipe Valpereiro

Filipe has a degree in Computer Science and a love for hacking electronic gadgets. He’s the founder of InMotion, a company that promotes and sells open hardware for curious and creative minds. Passionate about the Arduino, he spent many nights playing with a Arduino NG board, tinkering and having a lot of fun with it. A year later he quit his job to start his own business. InMotion grew from his passion for electronics and hacking, and a desire for fun while exploring open hardware tools like the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi. In his spare time he likes to launch High Altitude Ballons with his Spacebits friends into space.

Francisco Mendes

Francisco is a Maker at heart, who loves to explore new technologies and create products. He has a degree in Electronics and Telecomunications and Industrial Automation. His oldest dream is to build a humanoid to do his daily chores for him, and to to pursue that dream he and his BeeVeryCreative team designed and launched the first Portuguese 3D printer, the BeeTheFirst.

Guilherme Martins

Guilherme works at Artica. He’s a visual artist who specializes in creating visual effects and content for stage performances. Since 2007, his visual environments have been used in dance, opera, theater and other live performances, where he collaborated with renowned directors like Rui Horta, Tiago Guedes and Anatoly Praudin. In the past he also worked as a visual artist for several internationally renowned companies, such as Ogilvy Interactive and YDreams. In his tireless search for new forms of artistic expression, Guilherme became interested in robotics and what he would eventually call “Creative Robotics”.

Inês Oliveira

Inês has a doctorate degree in Cellular Biology from the Institute of Molecular Medicine, where she researched the effects of radiotherapy on formation of new blood vessels. She joined Ciência Viva in 2011, where she is currently the director for the Education and Scientific Programme department, which is responsible for managing projects aimed at communicating science to the general population. She loves DIY and exploring new materials, but only came into contact with the Maker movement when she helped co-organize the first Lisbon Mini Maker Faire - during which she became a convert.

Hugo Silva

Hugo is a researcher at the IT - Instituto de Telecomunicações and co-founder of PLUX – Wireless Biosignals, an innovative technology-based company operating in the field of medical devices for healthcare and quality of life, where he is currently a Board Member and Innovation Advisor. His main fields of interest include biosignal research, systems engineering, signal processing, and pattern recognition. He is one of the minds behind BITalino, a low-cost toolkit that allows anyone to create projects and applications for physiological computing.

Mário Saleiro

Mário Saleiro is currently doing a PhD in computer science in the field of computer vision and cognitive robots after graduating from a masters’ in electronics engineering. He’s a co-founder and member of the eLab Hackerspace in Faro, Portugal, and author of the blog The Bit Bang Theory. He is a Hacker/Maker in his free time and has a deep interest in electronics, robotics, digital fabrication, augmented reality and human computer interfaces.

Maurício Martins

Maurício has a background in electronics and video production. As a tinkerer he develops interactive projects in the area of physical computing and tangible interfaces. Since 2002 he has conducted various workshops/seminars on DIY and collaborated on various Portuguese art projects. He runs Leds&Chips and DVPT owner, on-line companies providing physical computing and electronics, audiovisuals and video production services, and collaborates with several Portuguese digital artists. He is also currently working with the Dóing - Augumented workshops team at Ciência Viva.

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