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The first Maker Faire Lisbon is now over

Posted on 25 Sep 2014

Maker Faire Lisbon begins Makers, organization and volunteers, opening photo.

The first ever Lisbon Mini Maker Faire is now over, and a wrap-up post is in order. After a few days to revover, our team is now back and we’d like to reach out to everyone who participated or attended the event - an event that was a magnificent surprise in every possible way.

Six months ago it seemed unlikely that we could put together an event that, in such a short while, would eventually grow to muster about 100 projects from national Makers and take in almost 10000 visitors in a little over two days. Our overly optimistic expectations led us to file an application with Maker Media for organizing a Mini Maker Faire with 70 Makers (not projects) and 3000 visitors. We couldn’t have been more wrong.

A few days after the partnership announcement between Pavilhão do Conhecimento - Ciência Viva and SAPO with our joint aim of putting together the first ever Maker Faire in Portugal, it was fairly easy to find a fantastic group of curators, themselves members of this emerging movement. They tirelessly drove the project selection process and were the turning point towards creating mindshare and bringing together the huge community we discovered.

The rest is history. Maker Faire Lisbon’s massive attendance is living proof that the Maker revolution not only runs deep and wide in our society but is also something that not only resonates with people but has unquestionable economic potential. It also shows that people from all ages and walks of life is curious, supportive, and eager to participate in this change.

We would like to thank a massive group of partners and sponsors (InMotion, Artica, Leds&Chips, BeeVeryCreative, AKI, bq, Linino, Bitalino, RoboSavvy), media partners (Pplware and Rádio Renascença), artists, academia, laboratories, science centres, hackerspaces and startups who trusted our organization by pitching in and helping us to succeed in this endeavor from the start. Their support was crucial, and we’re grateful for it. Special thanks also go out to Lisboa City Hall, Turismo de Lisboa, CP and Metro de Lisboa, who backed this initiative.

Our most humble thanks goes out to our amazing volunteers, who stepped forward to help smooth the logistics, standing alongside every single maker to make sure they could showcase their talent and projects without shortage of aid or means.

And, finally, we would like to thank the Makers, who were responsible for making last weekend awesome:

Without you, your commitment and your projects, we would have nothing to celebrate. Thank you. And remember: few generations have the privilege of taking part in those rare moments in history in which barriers are lifted and new opportunities arise. You are (literally) making and leading this revolution, and should make the best of it.

Of course, it would be unkind of us to forget mentioning Saint Peter’s generosity for providing (nearly) ideal climate…

As to us, we think Pavilhão do Conhecimento - Ciência Viva and SAPO formed a rare and surprising team between two entities that complemented each other well by doing what each knew best.

And we’re very happy to announce that we are already hard at work on Maker Faire Lisbon 2015! (and no, we didn’t forget the “mini”).

As such, everyone who attended or participated will receive a feedback questionnaire that we ask you to read and fill out - your feedback is important not only to us but also to Maker Media (who granted us the right to use the “Maker Faire” brand), and will help us turn next year’s event into an even better one.

Click here for the official Lisbon Mini Maker Faire 2014 photo gallery. We would like to thank João Nogueira, Pavilhão do Conhecimento and SAPO for these photos, of which we’ve picked a few highlights to include in this post.

You can also watch the video below, we think it speaks for itself.

See you soon,

The Organizers

Maker Faire Lisbon Pietro Proserpio showing off his time machine.

Maker Faire Lisbon Filipe Valpereiro from InMotion, looking at a robotics board.

Maker Faire Lisbon BALUA team launching their high altitude balloon at the Maker Faire Lisbon.

Maker Faire Lisbon The RiftCycles team had thousands of visitors trying their Tron bikes.

Maker Faire Lisbon Artica’s Farrusco robots.

Maker Faire Lisbon Maurício from Leds&Chips teaching how to build a 3D printer.

Maker Faire Lisbon More opensource 3D printers on show.

Maker Faire Lisbon Zeca Robot was one of the Faire’s highlights.

Maker Faire Lisbon The great Tesla Coil team from Faro’s e-Lab hackerspace.

Maker Faire Lisbon Who can resist a 3D printed frog?

Maker Faire Lisbon Filipe Valpereiro light painting the faire with his homemade neopixel bar at night.

Maker Faire Lisbon Piccolo bots playing noughts and crosses.

Maker Faire Lisbon Luis Correia doing a successful flight with his tricopter.

Maker Faire Lisbon Hackaveiro team making stuff.

Maker Faire Lisbon The line went insane on Sunday afternoon.

Maker Faire Lisbon Altlab’s theremin was widely popular.

Maker Faire Lisbon The volunteers take the small stage for a photo.

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