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At the faire: TheMaker3 CNC

Posted on 18 Sep 2014

The Maker CNC 3 TheMaker3 CNC

Here’s another favorite for the Maker Faire Lisbon.

The great Mário Saleiro, one of the Maker Faire Lisbon curators, a Hacker/Maker from tender age who holds a degree in Electronics Engineering, became co-founder of Faro’s eLab Hackerspace, blogger, and the winner of the Instructables First Prize Award no Hardware Hacking Contest, presents his project TheMaker3 CNC.

It’s the third iteration of his homemade CNC project. Two years ago he decided to build his first CNC so he could fabricate parts for other projects and ended up entering a vicious cycle of perfectioning and learning. The first CNC, the TheMaker1 was 100% built using a drill and an hacksaw, recycled linear rails from old printers and computer power supplies. He knew then that one of the TheMaker1’s purpose was to build parts for its next version.

And soon TheMaker2, bigger and more robust, was born.

The Maker CNC 2 TheMaker2 CNC

At the Maker Faire Lisbon he will unveil us the TheMaker3. It has some upgrades such as supported axes, a 1050W router, and motor drivers with chopper. Also, in the roadmap there’s an integration with a beaglebone black to be used as the CNC controller.

And of course, Mário Saleiro is already thinking about the TheMaker4 version of his CNC.

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