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At the faire: LEDs & Chips

Posted on 18 Sep 2014

Leds & Chips

Can you imagine building your own 3D printer? Have you ever needed a place to print models designed by yourself? How about a team to help you bring your own creative ideas to life? LEDs & Chips, one of the sponsors of the Mini Maker Faire Lisbon event, works primarily in the areas of creative electronics, physical computing, educational robotics, digital fabrication, 3D printing and digital art. In fact, at LEDs & Chips we focus on exploring emerging technologies, contributing to the maker community and the development of free and open source solutions, within the DIY/ DIT / DIWO mindset. We are known for our consulting services regarding tech projects and for conducting workshops and training seminars. In addition we own a tinkering studio/ makerspace in central Lisbon and an online store.

We’ll be bringing some examples of our past, present and future projects to the Lisbon Mini Maker Faire, all availabe for public experimentation. We’ll also be conducting workshops related to 3D printing and creative electronics. Still and all… our main attraction, especially prepared for the Lisbon Mini Maker Faire, is one of the on-going projects by the LEDs & Chips’ team: the YARR.

Yes, it’s true: yet another CNC machine based on open-source RepRap community. But this time… a little bigger. Alexandre Guerreiro, Ferdinand Meier, Mauricio Martins and Tiago Rocha - makers at LEDs & Chips - built this RepRap to work interchangeably as a plotter, a vinyl cutter, a milling machine or a 3D printer! The YARR makes use of a system of interchangeable heads so as to easily switch functions. Nonetheless, 3D printing is where the YARR impresses the most. The YARR’s working area allows it to print large-scale objects in high-resolution. However, the idea behind the YARR is to place an emphasis on printing speed as well as on the structural robustness of the objects, allowing it to produce low-res chairs and benches… five times faster than common printers.

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