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At the faire: Mini CNC de Bancada

Posted on 18 Sep 2014

Mini CNC de Bancada

Nuno João from Lisbon, is interested by electronics and low level software stuff. He has a degree in Eng. Informática e de Computadores and works with software. A long time ago he was also an enthusiast for the demoscene and has coded a few demos in assembly himself.

The mini CNC de bancada started with the goal to make a milling CNC for rapid prototyping of PCBs, circa 2007, inspired by the building techniques of an instructable.

Besides being totally built using materials from AKI, this machine was designed and built by Nuno at all levels, mechanics, electronics, the firmware and the PC software.

For the Maker Faire Lisbon, Nuno will change the firmware so that the machine draws a different picture each time a visitor presses the button at his booth.

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