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One Maker Faire Lisbon Arduino for each team

Posted on 16 Sep 2014

Arduino Maker Faire Lisbon

We had this on hold for a long time.

We’re very pleased to announce that we’re offering a complete, ready to mount and use Arduino Uno compatible PTH Kit Open Hardware to each one of the approved projects for the Maker Faire Lisbon.

That’s right, each team will be offered one of the most used tools in the whole world by Makers, the most emblematic, with their Welcome Kit. Furthermore, the kit is customized with the event logo and will serve as a strong iconic gift for the Makers of the first Portuguese Maker Faire which they can proudly keep and show off for years to come.

This was possible only because of the investment and invaluable help of our tireless and committed partner InMotion, a major reference with our emerging community of Makers in Portugal, which believed and supported the organization of this event from the first moment through his founder Filipe Valpereiro. We’re very thankful for that.

But this isn’t all. Beside the Welcome Kit surprise, we’ll have a lot more extra boards to offer to talented Makers during the next weekend. Also InMotion will sell many of their products at the Faire with a special discount for Makers.

And just because we know you can’t say no to a challenge, whomever guesses the exact number of LMF Arduino Uno compatible PTH kits we have to distribute at the event, gets one of those Kits and a special message from the organization. You can use the comments on this post to send your answers, we’ll let you know when someone wins.

It’s 4 days left and we can’t wait!

Arduino Maker Faire Lisbon

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