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At the faire: MFF, Multi-Function Fabricator

Posted on 15 Sep 2014


Tiago de Sousa Oliveira submitted this project for the Maker Faire Lisbon. He is 34 years old, has a degree in Telecommunications and Electronics Systems Engineering from ISEL and is the founder, general manager and senior engineer at ETConcept since 2008.

The Multi-Function Fabricator (MFF) is a CNC machine developed to support multi fabrication processes in an easy and intuitive way for all users. It can also be used as the base for experimentation of new processes for advanced users in the area of digital fabrication.

Currently the machine features laser cutting and 3D printing (with 4 filaments). The user interface uses a tactile screen, USB connection to upload files and a web interface to allow remote operation and monitoring. In the future, the MFF will also allow milling, electronic components printing and pick-and-place functionality.

Movement test

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