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At the faire: HacKeyboard

Posted on 15 Sep 2014


Mário Saleiro, one of the Maker Faire Lisbon curators and the Robôs Infante author, submitted the HacKeyboard project as well. Here’s how he puts it:

“After finding an old mechanical keyboard laying around in my storage, I decided I wanted one, but more compact and with a Portuguese layout. After browsing for one to fit my own very special requirements, I couldn’t find it.

Because I wanted something I couldn’t buy, I decided to make my own mechanical tenkeyless keyboard from scratch. First I recycled two old keyboards: one Monterey K108, from where I got the ALPS switches and a rubber dome NGS because the keys were compatible with the ALPS switches and it had the Portuguese layout.

Then I moved to design the keyboard case using inkscape and freecad and machined the pieces using acrylic with my CNC TheMaker2. After that it’s Kicad to the rescue to design the PCB.

Because I’ve made it, I added the functionality I wanted to the electronics: USB HID, Bluetooth HID, internal keylogger, internal USB hub, multiple clipboards, internal USB storage (activated through a secret keyboard combination), and of course: LEDs for the ‘bling bling’ effect.”


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