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At the faire: Robôs Infante

Posted on 14 Sep 2014

Robôs Infante

Mário Saleiro, one of the curators from the Maker Faire Lisbon, an Hacker/Maker ever since he was a child and before he could spell Hacker or Maker, has a degree in Electronics Engineering, blogger, Faro’s eLab Hackerspace co-founder, and the winner of the Instructables First Prize Award no Hardware Hacking Contest, presents us his project Robôs Infante.

The project is an educational robotics system made of five robots and a Raspberry Pi based central controller. The robots were built with recycled materials from old printers (wheels, plastics, discrete components) and other components like the ball casters were reused from unlikely products like massage gloves.

The robots can be programmed through a web interface from the computer, tablet or smartphone.

Besides the goal to develop a low cost educational robotics system, there’s also the goal to show children (and adults too) that you can do a lot with little, and that the materials required are sometimes available around us in other objects, we just need to look at them not for what they are, or were, but for what they can be.

The project has been featured in several publications and education conferences from north to south of Portugal and also the International Conference on Social Robotics in Bristol, UK.

It was developed in collaboration with Bruna Carmo, a primary school teacher, and the eLab Hackerspace in Faro. All the software and hardware was made using open source frameworks and tools.


The robôs Infante at the Colégio Cesário Verde in a collaboration with Artica:

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