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At the faire: SPTF Motion

Posted on 13 Sep 2014


Timelapse slider/dolly photo from Scott Rapson

Rui Jorge, born and resident at Figueira da Foz, a professional in camera lighting for audiovisuals, wood working and computers lover, presents us the SPTF Motion project, a digital camera slider to automatically photograph or record movies.

It has 4 axis (slide, horizontal and vertical panoramics, and focus) and through an Arduino interface you can program the camera movement with different modes: continuous, with or without stops/changes of speed, or axis rotation. It’s also possible to record unattended sequences and timelapses.

There are several commercial products available in the market but they’re all very expensive and sometimes limited. Rui’s goal is to build a complete system under the 500€ mark, including all materials, the Arduino and software, ready to use.

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