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At the faire: Morfogénese Musical

Posted on 13 Sep 2014


Morfogénese Musical” is an interactive installation that translates the growing and development process of a flower into sound and movement. The development of a living organism, or even a tissue or organ, is controlled by a system of genes and proteins and its behavior is collective, in the sense that it’s not predictable from the individual behavior of each gene.

Even more interesting is the fact that this genetic controlling system logic can be decoupled from the organism, like a circuit in a computer or this installation.

This project joined together art and science, architects, musicians and scientists with one goal: take you in a journey to discover the computing mechanisms found in nature.

In this installation you’ll be able to see and change the dynamics of the genetics regulation process by turning on or off genes and proteins. By doing this, you can either develop a normal organism or diverge into the development of a mutant, and maybe bring it back again.

The project was conceptualized by Alexandra Paio, Luís Rocha, Manuel Marques-Pita, Maria João de Oliveira, Sancho Oliveira, Simão Costa and produced by the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, LabMóvel – Programa Gulbenkian Educação para a Cultura e Ciência, and Vitruvius FabLab-ISCTE-IUL.


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