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At the faire: Fleye

Posted on 10 Sep 2014


FLEYE is a makers/researchers collective focused on the R&D of applications for drones. Using a vast list of open-source tools, like the Arduino framework, Node.js or ROS, amongst others, they’ve been developing components for two commercial platforms, the AR.Drone from Parrot and the Iris from 3D Robotics.

They’ve developed an hack by adding an Arduino, new sensors and actuators to these drones, which then communicate with the drone’s autopilot system, allowing the data and information from the sensors to influence the flight. In terms of actuation, they use the classic LEDs, and also some experiments with shape memory alloys for creating dynamic outer-shells.

Finally, they also work in autonomous indoor navigation experiences, by adding a depth sensing camera and simultaneous localization and mapping algorithms. In this case, they’ve developed a shell using digital fabrication techniques in order by accommodate the camera in the drone.

Some of these applications resulted in artistic collaborations in the field of performances and installations like the I-CARE-US or the CyBirds.

They’ll be at the Maker Faire Lisbon.

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