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At the faire: Detetor de Cores

Posted on 08 Sep 2014

Detetor de Cores

Hugo Pereira is 41, comes from Cabanas, Tavira, and at the age of 12 he was creating ZX SPECTRUM games already. Computers and electronics have always been his passion. He presents us the Color Detector (Detetor de Cores), a device that detects colors in objects and announces them through a loudspeaker. It can be used by people who can’t see or distinguish colors in their daily tasks, where color is important, like for instance while picking clothes to wear or buy.

The device has:

  • One RGB sensor and 4 white LEDs which are used to read the colors of the object;
  • An audio and loudspeaker module to announce the color;
  • A computer mouse with 3 buttons and a scroll wheel to use and configure the device;
  • An 28X2 Picaxe module to manage the information and peripherals control;

Detetor de Cores

Detetor de Cores

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