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At the faire: BikeYourHeart

Posted on 07 Sep 2014


More and more, our physical exercise comes with the help of physiological signals monitoring equipment, like for example chest bands which measure your heart rate. However these devices are somewhat uncomfortable and therefore limited for day to day usage.

This Maker Faire Lisbon project, BikeYourHeart proposed by André Lourenço, and developed by an R&D group at the Instituto de Telecomunicações that includes himself, Priscila Alves, José Guerreiro, Carlos Carreiras, Hugo Silva and Ana Fred, measures physiological signals without using intrusive devices and without changing the way we interact with objects every day.

They will show us a bike with a system that allows to read electrocardiographic signals (ECG) using electrodes directly built into the bike handles.

Here’s the list of components:

  • A bike with stainless steel handles.
  • A static stand for the bike.
  • One ECG signal acquisition board based on BITalino, with Bluetooth Low Energy for the heart rate data transmission.
  • Smartphone and/or desktop application to receive the data in real time.

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