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AKI joins the Maker Faire Lisbon

Posted on 07 Sep 2014


AKI joined the Maker Faire Lisbon.

AKI is our new Maker Faire Lisbon sponsor and we very proud of it. Under their motto “Making is easy”, AKI is a space every maker knows and go to frequently to find what they need, and nothing would make more sense than this partnership. In fact, there’s an AKI store just near the Pavilhão do Conhecimento where the LMMF takes place.

This is what AKI has to offer in our event:

  • 15% discount in purchases to the LMMF Makers during the event (identification required)
  • 5€ voucher that can be used at the Parque das Nações Store in purchases above 20€. Valid until the 15th of October
  • Team of AKI professionals at the event doing workshops (to be announced)

And more… prizes for the best 3 maker’s stands at the Maker Faire!

Stay tuned too, more news and surprises from AKI to come.

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