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At the faire: Esculturas Generativas

Posted on 06 Sep 2014

Esculturas Generativas

The artist André Sier develops generative sculptures using its software that creates three-dimensional sculptures using an own-made 3D printer, since 2010.

The software uses open-source frameworks like processing and openFrameworks and libraries created by the author and made available in the open-source form as well, so that other makers can use it with their own work.

Three of the four series chosen to be presented at the Maker Faire Lisbon are based in generative algorithms which in turn are based in movements of swarms and cellular automata which create three-dimensional mathematic models and reflect organic movements of nature, accumulated in sculptural spaces. The fourth series uses a 3D camera to create abstract portraits of digitized people.

At the Maker Faire Lisbon André will also have a 3D printer and print models generated in real time using code which the visitors can manipulate.

Esculturas Generativas

(video from its work Sol)

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