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At the faire: Easypet

Posted on 03 Sep 2014

The easyPET is a small sized, simple and educative system, developed at the I3N and the Departamento de Física da Universidade de Aveiro in the scope of the Escolher Ciência program, and it recreates a PET (Positron Emission Tomography) system, the most advanced medical imagery system available today.

It allows the interaction with the target audience by promoting the comprehension of the physics principles by which the PET works. Also, it allows to demystify the common sense about nuclear energy, promoting beneficial applications in areas like radiation physics, biophysics and health.

The project consists of:

  • An easyPET kit for the classroom.
  • An educative system for demonstrations in schools, science centers, etc.
  • A WEB page supporting the project.

For the Maker Faire Lisbon, João Veloso and its team will show us a small easyPET system where you visualize the imagery development in real time.

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