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At the faire: Wunderbar

Posted on 02 Sep 2014


WunderBar is an open-source “Internet of Things” Starter Kit for App Developers. The easiest way to create innovative and useful apps to connect smart devices.

It works out-of-the-wrapper, contains 6 awesome Beacons (BLE), sensors, and Wifi, and is dead-simple to program. Sensors include: Light, color, distance, temperature, humidity, remote control (IR), accelerometer, gyroscope, Grove Connector, and a sound/noise sensor!

Made of seven modules, the WunderBar main module is fitted with an ARM Cortex ‘M’ microprocessor, which connects to the internet through the WiFi unit. Bluetooth Low Energy is used to communicate with the other modules, similar technology used in iBeacon, and allows us to read the sensors or battery levels on the other modules. All of the activity that happens around the WunderBar is sent to our platform, where you can easily access and work with the signals. They make them accessible to you through APIs, frameworks, and libraries and their examples and tutorials are designed to quickly bootstrap you into developing for the programmable world.

We’re proud to announce they’ll be joining us for the Maker Faire Lisbon.


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