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At the faire: Full Metal Racer

Posted on 01 Sep 2014

Full metal racer

Frederico Sobreira and Humberto Sobreira, two brothers from Leiria, Portugal, sent us this this project. They lived their childhood climbing trees and building gadgets with their own hands (which in most cases, didn’t work…). Then during high-school they would spend their time playing arcades and and building gadgets with their own hands (which in most cases, still didn’t work…). Frederico does R&D related to bio-fabrication, smart materials and fast prototyping. Humberto works in solutions for the molding industry.

Simply speaking, FULLMETAL RACER is all about remotely driving real (small) cars in a real track (First-person view). Detailing, you have 3 main elements: the cars, the driving stations and the track.

The cards are equipped with video cameras, telemetry and actuators for controlling them. They also have “guns” and “shields” which act based on sensors and other stuff we can’t translate to English right now (for the record, they’re not real guns).

The driving stations provide the controls to, well, control the cars (steering wheel, buttons and pedals) and video monitors which display the car’s video camera and their telemetry data. Just like a race simulation game, the pilot/gamer, beside its own telemetry, has also access to the other player’s data and general information about the game as a whole.

The track is completely modular and can be reconfigured according to any layout. You can also get power-ups and power-downs during your race in the track, like for instance get gun activations, etc.


Full metal racer

Full metal racer

Full metal racer

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