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Posted on 28 Aug 2014


We’re proud to announce that BEEVERYCREATIVE is our new Maker Faire Lisbon sponsor.

BEEVERYCREATIVE believes that 3D printing will change the mass production paradigm and bring it closer to the individual consumer creation, and it recently launched the BEETHEFIRST, the first 3D printer totally developed and manufactured in Portugal, one of the most reliable and fast printers we know, and definitely the most beautiful.

One of the founders, the committed and visionary Francisco Mendes, has participated in a Portuguese Makers Hangout episode before and was part of the panel who announced the Maker Faire Lisbon for the first time, during the Codebits.

It only made sense that BVC would join us to enrich the Maker Faire Lisbon.

But that’s not all. In a movement that characterizes them to get closer to the Makers’ community, and with the goal to open their platform, BEEVERYCREATIVE recently launched BEECONNECT, an add-on that allows the users to interface and interact with the BEETHEFIRST printer using an open-source framework and a well documented API. In other words, it’s now possible for anyone to build their own software and tools and connect them directly to a 3D printer, which opens a world of interesting possibilities.

As such, we’re thrilled to announce the BEECONNECT challenge.

If you’re visiting the LMF, we challenge you to create a project that interfaces and interacts between the BEECONNECT and the BEETHEFIRST, one that allows to improve the end user experience, be creative and innovative. The best project in the terms of these rules (Portuguese only, sorry) will win a 3D BEETHEFIRST printer + one BEECONNECT KIT.

Here are some examples of what we’re expecting, for your inspiration only:

  • Extend the functionality of OctoPrint;
  • Configure the system to access the Internet;
  • Use a webcam with BEECONNECT;
  • Connect “things” to the BEETHEFIRST.

The project must be delivered until 12:00, 20 of September and the award will be announced on the 21st of September, during the last day of the Maker Faire Lisbon. You can work as teams and during the event you can also ask for support directly to the BVC team, which will have their own spot in the venue.

So get to work! If you have questions please use the comments space to post them.

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