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At the faire: eInk Wall

Posted on 27 Aug 2014

Thermochromic Ink Thermochromic chair by Dana Gordon

Basílio Vieira is an old friend of ours, he has participated in a Portuguese Makers Hangout, and is a specialist in winning every single contest that involves technology, creativity, and usefulness for mankind, and we sure are excited to announce he’ll be joining us again, this time for the Maker Faire Lisbon.

His project is eInk Wall, a touch display, in a wall, which allows participants to feel the surface and discover it’s also a computational and communicational element.

It uses reversible thermochromic inks which change from a solid color to transparent according to temperature. They’ll be warmed up using nichrome plates multiplexed using an Arduino, which will total a 9x14 pixels module in a 50x50cm gypsum plate.

All of this is making us very anxious, because we know the kind of awesomeness Basílio can deliver.

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