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At the faire: QkThings

Posted on 25 Aug 2014


QkThings (pronounced as “quick things”) is (well, it will be, later this year) an open source framework and modular platform for developing smart devices/applications/solutions. QkThings is all about making smart things quick, by providing all the required building blocks - from software to hardware, and future-proof, avoiding product redesign even if new communication technologies arise and that prove to be more appropriate to a given application.

The platform allows developers to focus on the application and don’t get distracted by the low level details of the technologies being used.

At the Maker Faire they plan to demonstrate a smart sensors network using several communication technologies (USB, Bluetooth, IEEE 802.14.4), showing how they can be used interchangeably, and explain the benefits of the platform for developers, specially those who are starting with the Internet of Things.

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