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At the faire: BALUA

Posted on 22 Aug 2014


Carlos Diogo Henriques is a researcher at the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) from the Universidade de Lisboa in thefield of technology and creative based corporate networks, he’s interested in technology, modern art, traveling and diving. His project is called BALUA, an innovative approach to the concept of high altitude balloon, and its main goal is to create a reusable platform.

Currently, one of the biggest problems related to High Altitude Balloons – HAB projects is the lack of reliable system to control the balloon during its flight and its difficult recovery, and then reuse it.

The underlying challenge is the ability to control the flight is a stable way without using propellers or engines on board. According to the team, this design can also be used with fire detection and prevention, sea coast surveillance, environmental studies, or profession aerial photography.


Currently the system was conceived and built at the IST and it features several sub-systems such as: the balloon, recovery system, data acquisition and storage, communications and payload tracking.

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