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At the faire: Goblin Fleet Commander

Posted on 19 Aug 2014

Goblin Fleet Commander

Sérgio Vasconcelos was born in Petrópolis-RJ, BraZil, and has a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Algarve, and is now an engineer developing electronics for embedded systems. For the Maker Faire he’s bringing us the Goblin Fleet Commander project.

The project was initially born within the Instituto Superior de Engenharia da Universidade do Algarve and later developed and maintained by Sérgio, aims to develop an hardware and software system for optimizing fresh food delivery routes. It’s a data acquisition and geo-location module.

The prototype presents wireless communications, low-power sensors (temperature, humidity, door open/close detection, and other events), GPS, real time GSM/GPRS/3D connection, Wifi comms, and data backup to flash memory and/or MicroSD. This module can also by used in other scenarios, like industrial monitoring, home automation, etc.

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