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At the faire: DiffTrike

Posted on 14 Aug 2014


The DiffTrike is an electrical vehicle built at home using recycled and recyclables, and it uses a slightly different control system.

The goal of the project is to reinvent the personal city transportation by mixing several transport solutions like the foldable tricycle, the closed velo cycle, the wheelchair for disabled people, and the car. It also fuses robotics technology with traditional electric traction to simplify and eliminate traditional mechanical elements like the brakes or steering, to free up space and weight to an innovative design.

Vasco Névoa built this prototype in a informal makerspace between friends, friends of friends, family and children, with a lot of knowledge sharing. He also has its own blog and open-source repo.

The project is an initial phase with a simple kart-type platform, but it’s fully functional and it’s pretty impressive. Totally Maker Faire Lisbon worth, and it will be there, we’re proud to announce.

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